Written by info on June 4, 2023

Vending Is A Family Business

If there's one thing I can say about growing my vending business to being worth $1 Million, it's that I would not be in this exact place where I am today without my family.
When I started: I wanted a better life for my son. I wanted to show my brothers that this kind of entrepreneurship was possible, and most importantly I wanted to retire my mom. It pushed me to step out comfort zone and say f*ck fear and make my first investment in vending.
As I scaled: I wanted to employ my sister full time, so I did. She moved from Rochester to Philly and she's been working with me full time for 3 years (wow it's crazy to type this lol I hadn't realized it until now). I also started to listen to my girlfriend (now wife) as she insisted that I needed to invest in SEO (make it easy for my business to be found on google) and she encouraged me to take on this vending thing full time. That SEO has landed me my very best locations.
Now Today: I employ my wife and my sister full time. My baby sister and my child's mother part time. Two of my brothers are entrepreneurs gettin it for their families. I pay my mom's mortgage and I'm so damn close to retiring her.

Older Sis, Wife, Me, My son, Son's Mom and Baby Sis
For most of my students, it's the same for them. They're either doing vending for family or with family. And I love that, this is what it's all about.

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